I am very pleased with the professional service provided by Sam. On her initial visit, she took great care to find out about my cats, including their individual diet and health needs. Sam changed the litter tray regularly and watered my plants. It was reassuring to receive messages through WhatsApp during my time away. On my return, I found some feedback from Sam, letting me know how the cats had got on whilst I was away. I will certainly use Sam's services again.  ~  Jane G.


Sam is absolutely amazing and my dogs think so too. She cared for my 3 dogs while we were away and kept me updated with photos and texts. We came home to 3 relaxed, contented and happy dogs. I couldn't recommend Sam enough and would only want to use her. 5 stars   ~  Shaun K.


I honestly can't recommend Sam highly enough. We were lucky enough to win a puppy training bundle with her and she has been absolutely instrumental in helping us teach our livewire little guy how to behave. Within a matter of 5 or 6 weeks, we've got him sitting, lying down, waiting patiently, stopping chewing when told, and he's got fantastic recall. Sam's methods make perfect sense and she's patient, knowledgeable and above all brilliant with the dog. We're continuing with training with her at a more advanced stage. My strong recommendation is if you need any help with puppy/dog training, then get in touch with Sam. ~ Chris W.

Sam does such an amazing job of looking after my two cats, Amber and Saffy. Every time I go away it's a weight off my mind as I know that Sam is providing them with the best care and fuss they demand!  Even with Amber's recent diabetes diagnosis, Sam's wealth of experience and background in animal welfare has provided me with so much support and comfort. I couldn't recommend the service provided by Premier Pet Care & Training enough - their passion for animals is unmatched.  ~  Rachel O.


Great trainer.  Just what I was looking for.  Poppy was really struggling being left at home on her own and Sam’s great advice has helped so much, and Poppy is getting so much better.  I learnt so much about how to help Poppy relax.  ~  Shirley T.


Sam at Premier Pet Care & Training has been amazing. We used her to help with the basic training for our new puppy and as first time dog owners it has been so benifical to have Sam teach us how to train our pup.  She has given us support with all aspects of his first few months. From toilet and crate training through to helping with separation anxiety symptoms. She has not only trained our pup but given us the confidence to ensure we are prepared for all situations now and in the future.  I cannot recommend Sam enough it has definitely been worthy investment. ~ Marie K