Behaviour Consultation

Does your dog have problems being left at home alone?

Do they show aggression towards people or other dogs?

Perhaps they suffer with serious fears of phobias.

By carrying out an in-depth consultation with you about your dog’s behaviour we can help you work through their issues and restore harmony in the household. 
Our role is not only to help the dog by resolving its issues but also to support you, as the dogs owner. We fully appreciate just how difficult it can be to cope with a dogs problems and are fully committed to investing our time & expertise to help you re-build your relationship with your dog & improve your confidence when working through their issues.  

Our tailor-made, 2-hour consultations are inclusive of a detailed behaviour analysis, temperament assessment, comprehensive follow up report and an after-care support service.

We use force-free, fun techniques to train and modify behaviour based on positive reinforcement methods. 
Please note - Every dog is unique, and every training situation can be different.  Modifying a dog’s behaviour takes time, dedication & commitment and for this reason, dependent on your dog’s needs, further training sessions or equipment may be required, and we may also ask that you have your dog thoroughly checked by your vet prior to any consultation to rule out medical problems that could be influencing their behaviour.
If your dog is insured, you may wish to check the policy as many companies will cover them for behaviour consultations with a CFBA registered behaviourist. 

Consultations are charged at £145.
Follow-up sessions (where required) are charged at £85 each.