Life Skills for Puppies

Invest in your puppy’s future by allowing us to guide you through all aspects of puppy care, socialising & training. 

Whilst obedience training is important and should be started at an early age, socialising & exposing your puppy to lots of different environments in their first few weeks is absolutely vital, but this must be done carefully in order to be successful. 

Whilst we believe there is always a place for well organised, traditional style, group training classes or puppy parties, all of our tuition is offered on a private 1-2-1 basis giving you our full, undivided attention throughout.  Attending classes, alongside other people, immediately places you in competition for the trainer’s focus & the actual amount of time dedicated to you as an individual is relatively short.  Group classes can actually be quite stressful for some puppies.  By concentrating on just one dog at a time, we can achieve much more in each separate training session, help build your puppy's confidence and move their learning on far quicker.

This comprehensive programme not only covers all basic obedience commands such as Sit, Lie Down, Stay & Come but combines them with careful socialisation to show you how to put them in place out in public.  Training sessions are held at your home but we can also visit shops, a train station, a cafe and do some work out in your local park. 

Initial consultation - £65
This is designed to act as a foundation to offer you some valuable advice about settling your puppy in, basic obedience training and how to go about designing and implementing a socialisation programme.

Ongoing Support Programme 

  • 60 minute training session
  • Weekly sessions
  • Minimim 4 week commitment
Price - £195 (every 4 weeks)