When you work with us, be assured that everything you discuss with your trainer is kept confidential.
We assist high profile clients regularly, and it is out stringent confidentiality policy that ensures clients return to us with confidence.

We have experience in both human and canine psychology and are aware of how sensitive an owner can be about the behaviour issues they are experiencing with their dog.  Other emotional issues may, and are likely to, cause an owner to feel he or she at the end of their tether with their canine companion.  For that reason, we emphasise that each owner and their canine companion are treated with the utmost respect and are sympathetically catered for.  We understand why you find yourself in a negative situation and why you are possibly struggling with your relationship with your dog.

Our aim is for you, the owner, and your dog to enjoy our learning experience and also to introduce a mutual calm to the relationship whereby both owner and dog are given the opportunity to understand the pleasure & appreciation of being around one another.