Adult Dog Training

We offer 1-2-1, private coaching sessions for you and your dog either in your home or local area (dependent on the training issue).  

**Please note these training sessions are not suited to serious behavioural issues such as aggression or seperation anxiety, fear and phobias - these would require a full behaviour consultation**

It may be that your dog is well behaved at home, lovely with your visitors and is social with other dogs but pulls like a train on the lead, making your walks together a chore rather than a joy.
Or maybe he is a nightmare off the lead in the park, chasing other people & dogs and running rings around you. 
Perhaps you have reached a good level of basic obedience but would like to take things to the next level and learn how to teach him a repertoire of tricks – there is training available for all.

Whilst we believe there is always a place for well organised, traditional style, group training classes or puppy parties, all of our tuition is offered on a private 1-2-1 basis giving you our full, undivided attention throughout.  Attending classes, alongside other people, immediately places you in competition for the trainer’s focus & the actual amount of time dedicated to you as an individual is relatively short.   By concentrating on just one dog at a time, we can achieve much more in each separate training session and move your dog's learning on far quicker.

Initial Consultation - £45
This gives us an opportunity to meet you & your dog and discuss your requirements.  There will also be an opportunity to implement some initial training techiniqes with a view to formulating an ongoing training programme. 

Ongoing Support:

  • 2 sessions per month
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 1 month minimum commitment
  • Progress report
Price: £80 (per month)

Premium Support

  • 1 session per week
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 1 month minimum commitment
  • Progress report
Price: £160

All of our training programmes come with:

  • Pre-consultation call to discuss your dog’s needs.
  • Emailed relevant PDF information sheets
  • After care support service once your programme is complete