Adult Dog Training

We offer a range of specific training programmes aimed to work on one particular aspect of training to really help focus your dog.  

It may be that your dog is well behaved at home, lovely with your visitors and is social with other dogs but pulls like a train on the lead, making your walks together a chore rather than a joy.
Or maybe he is a nightmare off the lead in the park, chasing other people & dogs and running rings around you. 
Perhaps you have reached a good level of basic obedience but would like to take things to the next level and learn how to teach him a repertoire of tricks – there is a programme available for all.

Whilst we believe there is always a place for well organised, traditional style, group training classes or puppy parties, all of our tuition is offered on a private 1-2-1 basis giving you our full, undivided attention throughout.  Attending classes, alongside other people, immediately places you in competition for the trainer’s focus & the actual amount of time dedicated to you as an individual is relatively short.   By concentrating on just one dog at a time, we can achieve much more in each separate training session and move your dog's learning on far quicker.

The current training programmes we offer are:

  • Rapid Recall - teach your dog to return to you outside when off lead
  • Who's Walking Who? - your dog will learn how to walk on a loose lead
  • Good Dog! - for those with little basic obedience - perhaps a young dog or new rescue.
  • Tricks for Treats - for those who want to learn more!

All of our training programmes come with:

  • Pre-consultation call to discuss your dog’s needs.
  • Welcome pack including treats & toys
  • Emailed relevant PDF information sheets
  • After care support service once your programme is complete

Prices start from £250 (4 sessions)